[Chicago] Fwd: O'Reilly Gives Early Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Wed Jan 25 03:55:52 CET 2006

On Tue, Jan 24, 2006 at 01:01:59PM -0600, Ted Pollari wrote:
> If you're in a hurry to see the new O'Reilly titles or are sure  
> you'll want one of them a ways in advance, ...

I think this was at the root of my lack of excitement.  O'Reilly used
to publish titles that really were among the very best in their field;
I've run into a lot of mediocrity in recent years.  I guess you can't
afford to publish only really good books when you've reached a certain
size.  Publish or perish, the commercial version.  ;-(

The Pragmatic Guys seem to be producing the kind of books O'Reilly used
to - in spirit, that is, as they aren't doing classic "Nutshell"
reference books.  I just wish they would do more about things that
aren't Java or Rails.  :-/

Some kinds of waste really are disgusting. SUVs, for example,
would arguably be gross even if they ran on a fuel which would
never run out and generated no pollution. SUVs are gross because
they're the solution to a gross problem. (How to make minivans
look more masculine.)  -- Paul Graham

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