[Chicago] TECHcoffee - iteration 1 review

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Mon Jun 19 22:22:53 CEST 2006

Posted here:

It's an interesting week, RailsConf is this week, and Yet Another Perl 
Conference next week.... Me? I'm just going to sit here and drink some 
coffee. :-)

There are many luminaries in town for these two events... If you happen to 
be on a first or last name basis with any of the RailsConf or YAPC 
keynoters or speakers, have them stop on by for some coffee and coding 
Monday morning. Consider TECHcoffee kinda like that 
"DynamicLanguagesConference" that we talked about at the ChiPy meeting 
last month, but this one is only 2 hours long, and costs $3. :-)

Did anyone in suburbia get up to code this morning?


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