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Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Mon Mar 6 21:23:52 CET 2006

On Mar 6, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Ian Bicking wrote:

> I think it would be fine at Imaginary Landscape -- mostly I need to
> check if I'll be able to come (or if one of the other guys here can
> come).  Pluses: food okay, wired networking (we can set up wireless  
> too,
> but wired backup is nice).  Minuses: public transportation isn't great
> (1/2-1 mile walk unless you take the bus, I think).  Not really big
> enough or seperate enough spaces for a class and sprints at the same
> time, unless we expand out into other parts of the office.

Thanks Ian!

Can we hold the class in the conference room and the Sprint in the  
entrance area... or something in this regards?

> With the Django sprint, the biggest concern I see is that people  
> have a
> database set up or somehow available.  I remember spending a lot of
> pointless time trying to get databases set up on laptops at the last
> sprint.  I wonder if this: http://www.tnr.cc/pypg.html (or this:
> http://barryp.org/software/bpgsql) plus a database available over the
> wire would be helpful?  Database access over RPC would also be cool.

I certainly agree we should have some things set up before we start  
this time.hmmm, come to think of it i guess there are a lot of ways  
to approach this. We needed to throw out some more ideas and come to  
a census.

I would not object to having everything setup on a remote server and  
we just tunnel in. Even the static files could be setup over DAV.  
This way, not much is needed to be done on each persons machine. Was  
this what we tried last time. What went wrong? i can't recall.

-- bhr
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