[Chicago] Sprint, Imagescape

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Mar 14 19:42:28 CET 2006

Brian Ray wrote:
> Thanks Ian. Are you sure your qualified to do testing!
> Unless somebody has strong objections, I say lets hold the Chipy  
> Chipy Sprint at Imaginary Landscape--which is a real place, btw. I  
> already updated the wiki.
> Also, please note the required software. If you wish to Sprint and be  
> (somewhat) productive, you must set these up on your laptop ahead of  
> time.
> If you do not have a laptop, no worries, we will be breaking up in  
> pairs and we will pair you with someone who does.
> While I am at it, I was thinking of ways we could make all of this  
> easier to manage. Here is my brain storm:
> * we have a base models and templates done ahead of time
> * we open a Source-forge project and use their CVS

CVS is web-1.0.  Boo on CVS!  And SF!  Actually I think SF has svn 
now...?  Or Berlios.  It takes a while to set up, so it should be set up 
right away.  python-hosting.com also offers free Trac and svn to open 
source projects.  Or lastly I can throw up another repository on 
webwareforpython.org, which has a couple repos already; if nothing else 
is ready in time that's a good fallback.

Or we could be all web-3.0 and use bazaar-ng (http://bazaar-vcs.org/). 
That is probably a bad idea, though.

> * we set up the sqlite on our own machines ahead of time (the actual  
> site run PostgreSQL, because Django is cool like that)

Probably best, even if I suspect this is going to drive me nuts.  My own 
fault for having a messed up Python install on my laptop.  I've never 
configured Postgres to be open over the network (only local socket 
connections); but potentially I could also set that up.  You'd still 
need psycopg then.

> * someone bring donuts
> * I need coffee

We can make this at the office; hot 'n' thrifty.

> * we move the start time back to 10am because I know you guys

Before 10am?  That would have been crazy.

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