[Chicago] Sprint, Imagescape

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Tue Mar 14 22:21:08 CET 2006

On Mar 14, 2006, at 11:40 AM, Fawad Halim wrote:

> * I think a pre-sprint huddle would be helpful. #chipy, maybe?

Ok #chipy tonight around 9pm?

> * CVS is scary. Can we do Subversion instead? I have a machine  
> running at
> home that has SVN all ready to go. I'm thinking that our group is  
> small
> enough that we'd likely not saturate the 256 Kb/s upstream Comcast  
> gives.
> In a pinch, we can run SVN off my laptop and use that.

I am more than ok with SVN. Although, I think we would be better off  
with something already setup with a static location and what not...

It sounds like Ian know some options. Maybe we should just leave this  
up to Ian. It's fine
with me if it's on webwareforpython.org Although Trac integration is  
nice also. Ian?

One large complicated part of this is how to set up accounts for  
everyone who will be sprinting. And this probably needs to be done  
ahead of time. So, what we *really* need is ChipyChipy to help us  
here. Although, since we have not build it yet, maybe we just put our  
heads together and figure out a way.

> but wouldn't reconciling the databases for diferrent people be a small
> nightmare?

Yes, this is what we must talk more about.

Maybe there are only one group working on Model stuff at one time.  
Also, we stick to Django model so we know its portable. And it will  
not really matter how its implemented. We should also consider  
writing a script for populating (and un-populating) the database with  
some initial data.

For now, I think we should stick with saying get sqlite set up on  
your laptop and at least there will be a fall back.


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