[Chicago] Looking for a web host

Ray Hernandez ray at nd.edu
Wed Mar 22 16:12:07 CET 2006

Robare, Phil wrote:
> So, any advice where I should go and what I should expect to pay.
> Looking around I see some places with prices so low I know they can't be
> doing much more than supplying electricity.  Others want to smother you
> in the soft fluffyness of their proprietary web page design software
> (one place I looked at talked about how you get up to four(!) web pages
> with their intro package), others require you to run Windoze and access
> them through some sort of client.  That may be fine for mass market but
> I am looking for something like a basic Apache on Linux package.

My favorite host for personal stuff, as well as for the sheer haxor factor
is Linode(http://www.linode.com.) They are a virtual hosting provider, you
can elect to do UML or XEN kernels. Packages start at $20 a month, and they
have a nice user community. You basically get your pick of a half dozen or
so popular distros, they create a bare image of whichever distro you go
with, then they pretty much hand you the keys and go. 

I have never had any problems with the service. When I upgraded to a bigger
package, they did a migration that was seamless and had no downtime that I
could tell.

Best thing of all, I got to run whatever I wanted on it. YMMV.
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