[Chicago] next chipy meeting?

Robare, Phil PRobare at chx.com
Wed Mar 29 21:47:49 CEST 2006

Ian Bicking wrote
> Chad Whitacre wrote:
> >> Definitely, a presentation would be great.
> > 
> > 
> > Cool! Thank you. A few questions then:
> > 
> > - What's the usual format?
> > - How long of a talk should I plan?
> > - What level of expertise should I target?
> > - Would ChiPy be more interested in testing, web programming, or

> Let's bring these questions to the people.  People: respond!

Forget that stuff Ian wrote.  He's only been an incredibly active
proponent and guiding light for ChiPy.  I on the other hand have shown
up for three meeting in the last six months and feel like giving you the
"real" stuff.  

Ian's just talking minimal level.  To be sure you don't embarrass
yourself here's what you need to know:

- What's the usual format?

Depending upon the venue you will have up to two hours for your roadies
to load-in and setup your stage, lights and sound system.  Electricity
(up to 15 Amps at 110 volts) can be supplied.  If you have any higher
requirements you will have to provide with your own generators or make
special arrangements with the venue and Commonwealth Edison.

One dressing room for the presenter can usually be arranged, along with
a group dressing room for up to twenty background vocalists and dancers.
Make-up, costumes, etc. are part of your responsibility.

You will be responsible for paying the union stagehands out of your
portion of the gate receipts.  T-shirts, CDs, programs and commemorative
posters will be handled by the gift shop with a 30% commission.  No
parking lot sales are allowed.

- How long of a talk should I plan?

A headline performer should be able to keep the audience entertained for
an hour for the main act.  If you are on a shared bill twenty minutes
for each named act may satisfy the crowd.  Remember how much each member
of the audience has paid and try to give back more value than that.

 - What level of expertise should I target?

In Chicago you can expect a generally high level of sophistication.
Lame magic tricks and old jokes do not go over well here, but a
sparkling presentation of erudite brilliance will win a level of
respect.  Throwing of cups, bottles, and rotten fruit by the crowd is
discouraged but cannot be ruled out if the presentation does not meet
their approval.  Heckling and inappropriate or ill-timed questions from
the audience is a common occurrence, but not to such a level that a
professional entertainer would have a problem with handling such
commotion.  The possibility of hotel room keys thrown by audience
members of the opposite sex may encourage a top level presentation.

- Would ChiPy be more interested in testing, web programming, or both?

Actually the use of Python to enhance self-esteem and gather an
attractive and wealthy entourage would probably go down well with our
usual crowd.

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