[Chicago] CIT, but not BuildBot

Jason R Huggins JRHuggins at thoughtworks.COM
Thu Oct 5 19:44:40 CEST 2006

jason gessner wrote on 10/03/2006 11:12:33 PM:

> jason (or anyone), can you talk about using CC for non-java 
> projects? 

I'm doing that with my Django & Selenium demo, but, yeah... this is just 
for demo, not a 'real' project. 

The current project I'm on is a .Net/C# project (very non-Java!)... in 
this case, though, we're using "CruiseControl.Net"... It's in the 
"CruiseControl family", but it's technically a different application, of 
course with a heavy C# bent.

However, I'm working on a second tier build that involves launching 
Ruby-scripted Selenium "remote control" tests... we'll be using 
CruiseControl.Net to manage that. The "interop" will involve Nant kicking 
off a Ruby script via the shell... Then my Ruby script will need to return 
some XML for CC.Net to parse and post results.

> I have some jobs kicking off with it and a coworker just 
> set up some more recently, but aside from checking things out when 
> changes happen and kicking off the tests, it doesn't seem to play too 
> well from a reporting side with non-java stuff.

Well, CC expects XML for that reporting stuff... Lots and lots of XML.... 
:-( Theoretically, XML isn't language-specific. But only Java-based apps 
love using XML that much, though. ;-)

> Has anyone had a really great experience using cc for any of the 
> reporting stuff with non-java projects?

Not me, personally. :-(.... but I'm forwarding your question to 
ThoughtWorks' internal software development list (a couple hundred folks) 
to see if someone can answer your question.

> I am still searching google for good examples, but am not finding 
> much...

ThoughtWorks has gotten big into Ruby/Rails in the last year... I wouldn't 
be surprised if we have some good stories to tell about CC building Rails. 
The lessons learned there should be applicable to building similar 
'dynamic' Perl/Python/Ruby projects.


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