[Chicago] Ed Leafe of Dabo in Chicago.

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Oct 17 22:04:19 CEST 2006

Free beer!  (now that I have your attention, read the whole thing for details.)

Ed Leafe will be speaking about Python and his Python database app framework ( 
http://dabodev.com ) to the VFP group on Nov 14, 5:30  Monadnock Building at 53 
W. Jackson in downtown Chicago: Conference Room 826.  I am guessing it will be a 
long meeting - like till 8ish or more.

The audience will be VFP developers (VFP = MS's Visual FoxPro, a database engine 
and GUI application language, OOP, etc.  so we know programming, and it has some 
similarities to Python: loosely typed, no declarations, human readable...)  but 
different enough that the talk will be fairly into level, so I doubt much 
interest to a seasoned Python developer.  OTHO, we are a sharp group, and may 
rocket into advanced stuff, so take your chances.

All are welcome, no pay.  we may have pizza and a 12 pack of beer (more is 
welcome, I run across the street to the 7-11).  We have a similar format to the 
Chipy meeting, about 10-15 people that show up and our room is much smaller, so 
if more than 2 or 3 extra people show up, we may have a seating problem.  but 
that is part of this message: Does someone have access to a bigger room?

Also, I don't know Ed's travel plans, but if he is here during the day and I can 
secure a venue, I bet he would give a talk that would be of interest to the hard 
core Python people.

Anyone have access to a room near the Loop in the afternoon Nov 14 (1-5ish) to 
host a http://dabodev.com meeting/presentation/session?  gut says it only needs 
to accommodate 10 visitors.

For those of you that I sent this to that are not on the chipy list and have 
something to offer, I suggest you join:

Chicago at python.org
about 2 posts a day, so it won't make your in-box explode.

Jen, can you forward this to Emilia?  (she said her old company might want be 
able to help.)

Thanks all,

Carl K

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