[Chicago] Chicago LUG: Meeting: September 23

John Quigley jquigley at chicagolug.org
Wed Sep 20 08:48:29 CEST 2006

Hey Pythonistas:

The Chicago GNU/Linux Users Group is staging their next meeting this 
coming Saturday, I hope some of you can make it out:

Date:  September 23, 2006 (2006-23-09)
Time:  5:00p (1700 hrs)
Place: 350 N LaSalle St.
More:  http://www.chicagolug.org/Meetings

* The Neuros OSD: Open Hardware Devices
     by: Joe Born, President of Neuros
* MySQL database internals
     by: Mark Matthews, Developer on the MySQL Project

Lightening Talks
* RockBox: Linux on Your iPod (by: Mike McCune)
* Series: Linux Internals: The Source Tree (by: John Quigley)

Further Information
* Homepage: http://www.chicagolug.org/
* Agenda: http://www.chicagolug.org/Agenda_2006-09-23

This is going to be an exciting meeting.  We're teaming up with Neuros 
to organize a community to develop on, and hack at, this cool new 
embedded media device:

* http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/drives/89ed/
* linuxdevice.com article going on-line later tonight, check it out

If you're interested in helping with this project, please stop by.  Joe 
will be explaining all about it during his presentation.

Also of note is that we're working directly with Peter Brown and the FSF 
to organize Chicago's October 3rd "Day Against DRM."  Lots more about 
this campaign during our meeting, and find more immediate information 
right here:

* http://defectivebydesign.org/en/blog/announce_day_against_drm

As always, this is a BYOB event, and we'll be running up to the Goose 
Island Brewery for some  food and drinks afterwards.  Look forward to 
seeing everyone there, and thanks again to all the people who have 
helped put this meeting together.

Happy Hacking!
The Chicago GNU/Linux Users Group

email: lug at chicagolug.org
phone: 312.351.3671

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