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Garrett Smith garrett at mojave-corp.com
Thu Sep 28 21:45:27 CEST 2006

I'm using Trac for managing projects other than software development projects. It's integration with Subversion rocks, but its wiki and ticketing system are outstanding in their own right.

I look at Trac as providing two key services: content management (wiki and optionally Subversion) and work management (ticketing). Together, these cover a lot of ground -- i.e. there's a lot you can do that has nothing to do with software development.

If you have specific ideas for how you're thinking of using Trac, post them and we can do some brainstorming on how it could be used.

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So is anyone using Trac?  Even better, does anyone have any longer  
term experience with the project?

The research group I'm involved with is looking to possibly shift  
some functionality over to a Trac instance, probably in applications  
that the Trac folks never specifically thought of, but that's kinda  
what we do in my group =)

Any thoughts?

Ted Pollari
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