[Chicago] Ed Leafe of Dabo in Chicago.

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Sep 29 06:05:31 CEST 2006

> I don't know anything about VFP, but we are always glad to have new
> people come out.

You don't need to.  VFP could have been a top shelf tool, but for some reason MS 
didn't make it happen, and

> Dabo sounds like it wants to do for desktop apps what Django and
> Turbogears do for webapps - automate as much as possible the database
> connection and interface-making.  Always a good goal.

Sounds about right.

>> Here is an example of a talk Ed has done recently:
>> http://foxforward.net/session.php?topic=16
>> I know he has shown Dabo at Pycon and there was some interest.  Enough that I 
>> would think other Pythoners would be interested.  Here are some examples of what 
>> he does http://dabodev.com/documentation  - I thought one of his Pycon talks was 
>> there, but I can't find it now.  I'll post if I find it.  He has been doing 
>> talks for years, he is very good at it - power point slides, hand outs, 
>> downloads, etc.
>> So the point of all this:   it is a $350 plane ticket to get Ed out here.  That 
>> is a bit steep for our group.  In the past, we have done 1/2 seminars and 
>> charged $100 or so (we need to pay for the room too, and like give the speaker 
>> something for their time.)  It worked out great when we had VFP speakers/topics, 
>> not so sure how well it would work for Ed.
> Chipy doesn't have any money (we barely have a structure), so we
> probably couldn't help Ed financially as a group.   For me a $100/person
> seminar seems steep.
>> What kind of interest is there?  Do you guys have access to a meeting room 
>> during the day?
> No idea about meeting rooms during the day.  We meet once-a-month on a
> thursday night, and usually line up a meeting space at the last minute.
>> You are all welcome to come to the vfp meeting (I would only recomend the one Ed 
>> will be at:) - give me a heads up a head of time - the room only has about 20 
>> chairs, it doesn't take much to overflow it.
> Likewise.  If Ed is in town the second Thursday on the month, have him
> stop by ChiPy and we can probably guarantee him pizza and drinks
> afterwards.

I tried to get him to stick around for Thurs, no luck, he can't spend that many 
days away.   The good news is the VFP group is going to cover the flight, and I 
have a guest room and a box of corn flakes :)  So he will be here some Tuesday.

I am going to see if can get him to fly in early and get our meeting room for 
the whole afternoon/evening.  It isn't the slick classroom style, but free is good.

How many chipy people would be able to make it down town in the afternoon?


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