[Chicago] Finding a good home for some ancient computers

Phil Robare verisimilidude at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:03:30 CEST 2007

Somewhat related to this thread: Last week a church up the block from
me was throwing out four old monitors that had been "donated" to them
that no longer work.  Having recently read about the City of Chicago's
new electronics drop-off center that Streets & San has set up on Goose
Island. (I would offer a link but the City website has horrid URLs) I,
being a concerned earth conscious citizen, offered to take them to the
drop off center rather than have them dropped into the dumpster.
Saturday morning when I arrived there the city worker looked at the 4
monitors and said "Are you from a business?" and I answered, "no,
these were being thrown out by a church."  Oops - wrong answer.  "We
can't take anything from a business or other organization, or an
apartment building over 4 units."  So the monitors are still sitting
in the back of my van.

I think I'll try some of the resources linked above and see what luck
I have there.

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