[Chicago] Proposal for a talk this Thursday

Jono ebjono at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:55:06 CEST 2007

Hi everybody,
Jono from Humanized here.
I'd like to make a talk at the ChiPy meeting this Thursday, if I can.
If this list isn't the right place to suggest talks, could somebody please
tell me who to mail this to?

I'd like to show off a prototype ZUI (zooming user interface) I'm working
on.  It's not (yet) a Humanized project, it's something I'm monkeying up in
my spare time.

I've seen ZUI prototypes before that made me say, "OK, that's a neat idea,
but how the heck would you get any work done in it?".  So I decided to start
trying to make one that would actually be useful to me.  I draw a webcomic,
and my workflow involves moving lots of documents around, copying data
between several applications in different formats, and lots of annoying
window shuffling.  So my goal is to prototype a ZUI which makes this
workflow easier than the tools I currently have.

Topics of general Python interest this talk will touch on include:
* How to monkey up a prototype interface really quick with wxPython
* Using pySQLite as an alternative to files for extremely easy data
* How to edit and transform image files with Python
* Pythonizing repetitive GUI tasks

Additionally, the topic of more specific user-interface design interest is:
* How do we make a zooming user interface that is actually useful for
getting work done and not just a gee-whiz demo?
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