[Chicago] Last Night & New Venue

Robert Ramsdell rcriii at ramsdells.net
Tue Apr 17 12:57:23 CEST 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 22:41 -0500, Martin Maney wrote:

> I hate to appear to disagree with someone who's trying to get the snake
> to visit our local area of the greater, but we've had several meetings
> around that table of David's.  Maybe you only got to one?  It certainly
> has been a while...

Evidently I only made one, as that is all I remember.  I also remember
meeting there before driving downtown once.

> >  Any other suburbanites want to second my motion?
> Conditionally: David's meeting room's rather closer to me :-)  And as
> someone else suggested about another potential library, would they kick
> us out too early for comfort?

Alas, they close at 9:00 as well.

> > I'll even offer to cover SimPy again.
> Don't get stuck in a rut, now.  :-)

Well, it's been two years.  SimPy has advanced some...


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