[Chicago] Setuptools talk?

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Wed Apr 18 20:09:00 CEST 2007

Hi all-

After several months of beating my head against the wall, I've finally gotten 
the hang of setuptools/easy_install. It's really quite nice, though I'll 
admit to an ongoing love/hate relationship (as IRC denizens can attest).

I'd be happy to give a talk on the basics of using it for local package 
installation.  I still haven't figured out how to use it for packaging my own 
software, but if I figure that out before then I'll cover that too.

A little birdie told me Ian gave a similar talk a while ago 
http://svn.colorstudy.com/home/ianb/setuptools-presentation/ (I haven't looked 

FWIW, I would strongly prefer a venue in the city or barring that, at least 
accessible by public transit or an inner suburb (I'd bike).


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