[Chicago] Web Frameworks?

Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at cti.depaul.edu
Fri Aug 17 19:24:34 CEST 2007

Thank you for the suggestions to look into elixir.

I think elixir is great and I will use it as soon as this issue with  
Tesla is fixed

I did not know that mod_wsgi was now stable. I will definitively  
check it out.

Please do not misunderstand my previous comments:

I am not talking about creating another python web framework and I  
think you people have created impressive python libraries. All I am  
saying is that today I find very hard to make the case to my students  
why they should use one python framework over another, and I find it  
even harder to make the case to businesses. In order for the  
community to be able to make that case you must come together and  
concede something: choose one ORM, one template language, one  
framework. I only gave you my point of view about components to stir  
discussion, and my point of view is biased by my teaching needs.
I could write my own "perfect" web framework but that is not my  
point. Too much choice is killing python web frameworks because the  
work of many good people is scattered and not focused.

I think you should budget some time during the next meeting to talk  
to users, discuss the possibility to merge the existing frameworks,  
simplify them, agree on a small set of stable APIs, give some  
guarantees to the users about the stability of the APIs and document  
them or businesses will not invest in it.

So far only Django has been able to gather enough attention but it is  
still too difficult to use when compared with Rails.

I think there are enough people in the area to come out with an  
excellent product (but not 4 or 5) and an excellent marketing machine  
for it.


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