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Pete pfein at pobox.com
Tue Aug 21 14:59:35 CEST 2007

On Monday August 20 2007 11:21 pm, Kenneth P. Stox wrote:
> To be blunt, we have become complacent and arrogant. This does not bode
> well for the future of Python. We have lost the excitement that the
> language garnered years ago. This is sad, as it is an incredibly clean
> and extensible language.

Oh, I dunno.  One of the things that appeals to me about the Python community 
is that it's generally 'chilly' (sry, ultimate frisbee slang for "laid-back, 
patient, thoughtful").  In the ~5 years I've been working with Python, I 
continue to be appreciative of the just-right pace the community sets for 
itself. Python continues to learn from the best innovations from elsewhere at 
a reasonable, non-panicking pace.  To cite just a few examples:

 * webframeworks - "Rails will p0wn us all!" vs. Django
 * unthreaded programming - "We need coroutines!" vs. yield-is-a-statement 
(yes, I realize nothing's come of this).
 * the language itself - Perl 6 vs. Py3k

I tend to find that most hardcore Python developers (and it's the *only* 
language I work in) are similarly relaxed, allowing the best solutions to 
mature like I'm told fine wine does (I drink beer. Right now!). As for those 
who haven't discovered Python's merits yet... well, either they'll see the 
light eventually or the rest of us will code them out of a job. ;-)   I guess 
my point is that Python has a large enough user base that it's not going 
away - the lack of hyperbolic buzz is a *good* thing in my book.

All hail Guido, creator of the 2nd best language for everything!


PS - I actually wrote this last night & forgot to send.  Which is not to say I 
have some problem with drinking beer at 8 in the morning, just that I'm not 
doing so right now. ;-)

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