[Chicago] September meeting: presentation? Venues?

Steven Githens sgithens at caret.cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 21 23:17:49 CEST 2007

This might not be terribly interesting (since it runs on a jvm), but I 
could give a presentation of the side stuff I'm doing with Jython on my 
current project.

The stuff I work on is open source course management software written in 
Spring/Java.  As you can imagine, this tends to be pretty cumbersome 
stuff, so I wrote an ajax terminal shell for the system, and I use 
Jython to write most of the administration and utility commands.  We 
also weren't happy with any of the existing crappy Java web presentation 
frameworks, so we** rolled a new one from scratch that uses pure XHTML 
templating and lots and lots of Spring to abolish the large amounts of 
session state and other things that usually hog down java frameworks.  
I'm working on putting in Jython support for it so you can just add 
templates and *.py files and ignore the configuration that is required 
when writing new pages/widgets in raw java. ( Ideally, I'd like to 
eventually have support for this in Kawa, Scala, and JRuby too, but 
Jython is definately the first priority )


** My coworkers actually wrote most of it. :)

Ian Bicking wrote:
> The time is coming to plan next month's meeting.
> Does anyone have a presentation they'd like to give?
> Does anyone have a venue they'd like to offer or suggest?
> Thanks...

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