[Chicago] September meeting: presentation? Venues?

Brian Ray bray at sent.com
Tue Aug 28 17:39:26 CEST 2007

On Aug 28, 2007, at 10:31 AM, Brian W. Fitzpatrick wrote:

> On 8/21/07, Brian W. Fitzpatrick <fitz at red-bean.com> wrote:
>> On 8/21/07, Ian Bicking <ianb at colorstudy.com> wrote:
>>> The time is coming to plan next month's meeting.
>>> Does anyone have a presentation they'd like to give?
>>> Does anyone have a venue they'd like to offer or suggest?
>> Google can host if you'd like.
> Ping?

I already put Google down for our venue on the wiki. http://chipy.org

And it sounds like we already have two presenters. Ian is organizing,  
but he may be out of town but back in time.  I am sure he will touch  
base with you once he sees this message on the list.

BTW, speaking of wiki, Brantley has kindly offered to fix up our wiki  
with the art I sort of shoved in there. So changes will be seen soon.  
Maybe, after PyCon, because he also has volunteered to do this.

Brian Ray
bray at sent.com

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