[Chicago] September meeting: presentation? Venues?

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at imagescape.com
Thu Aug 30 17:06:13 CEST 2007

Massimo Di Pierro <mdipierro at cti.depaul.edu> writes:

> Is it Sep 13?
> I have something I would like the the group's feedback on, so if you  
> have time I can give you a 30min presentation on it.
> People basically answered my previous email with "go write your own  
> framework" so I made a working proof of concept.

And I quote:

  There is too much choice in the world of Pyhon web frameworks (and
  too many of them are 0.x) and this prevent us from making the case
  for each one of them against the Java dinosaur frameworks.
    - Massimo Di Pierro


Just ragging.  Actually, I'm very interested in seeing what your proof
of concept framework is.

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