[Chicago] Python at Big Nerd Ranch

David Beazley d-beazley at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 31 16:10:01 CEST 2007

> Nonetheless, congrats to David!
> I know they have Big Nerd Ranch classes on a Django and other things,
> as well.  I have never been Big Nerd Ranch--at least not this one;)
> Its not free.  Although, presumably it would cost less than a class
> at UofC.  Sounds fun.
> I wonder if we could get a discount for ChiPy members?

I have no idea if they offer discounts ;-).   However, I can  
definitely put in my own pitch for the class.   Basically, this is an  
entirely new course on Python that I put together last winter--- 
working exclusively on it full time for about 5-6 months.  The course  
is heavily focused on "modern Python" meaning that it takes full  
liberty with showing how to effectively use new language features.   
There's also a fairly strong systems programming undercurrent in the  
class (i.e., how to build stuff related to the real world). Since  
May, I've been teaching variations of the class about every other  
week---making various improvements along the way.   So, anyone  
thinking about signing up for the Nerd Ranch Class is going to get a  
course that's not only extremely thorough, but something that's been   
battle tested all summer.

The Nerd Ranch experience is interesting.  The digs are pretty nice,  
but just make sure you're not on a diet!

Anyways, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions on it.  Just  
send me an email.


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