[Chicago] vote on the button choices

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu Feb 15 20:06:06 CET 2007

Ted Pollari wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2007, at 12:34 PM, Pete wrote:
>> I think it got vetoed by the people actually doing the work. >:-|
> If I can do it without costing a bit more, I might make some with the  
> slogan, but I'll only hand them out AFTER they make their decision  
> about PyCon 2008 -- there are a few other good bids.

No way - we should be give a bunch away to the people that asked for Chicago 
last year - hammer home the voice of the public!

besides, the only other bid I have seen is $30/night more, and in my opossum 
the location sux, unless you plan on staying a few extra days in a suxy room so 
that you can enjoy some of the not so local attractions.  (I lived there, it 
isn't as nice as they are marketing it.  which kinda pisses me off.)


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