[Chicago] An image for a button or T-Shirt perhaps?

Atul Varma varmaa at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 17:21:49 CET 2007

Okay, Brantley sent me the high-res version of his drawing.  I've set
up a few products on CafePress:

> I'd probably be interested in a darker shirt... therefore, is there any way
> you can make the background transparent?

I did this, but the only annoying thing is that there doesn't appear
to be a way to have both a front and a back image on dark shirts--only
front images.

Here's a black t-shirt with the drawing and the logo across the front:


Here's a navy blue long-sleeve shirt with the drawing and the logo at
the breast pocket (though I don't think the shirt itself actually has
a pocket):


> Also, how about a version that reverses the back art for the front art and
> vice-versa?  (much less important to me as compared with the above =)

I did one of these, but as I mentioned above, I could only do it to a
white shirt (this one happens to be a long-sleeve):


The original prototype shirt layout is still available, only I've
replaced the low-res images with the high-res ones:


And just for fun I made a button too (this CafePress thing is addictive)...


If you want to play around with your own designs, you can get the
high-res images w/ transparent backgrounds here:


- Atul

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