[Chicago] dropping the ball and all

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Jan 2 17:27:23 CET 2007

I was told at the meeting, but can't remember: what group is actually making the 
commitment?   I am sure it will help to get some sort of hand shake commitment 
from them so that anyone talking to a venue rep can be fairly certain of what 
can be committed to.  the more info the better.  Including me talking to Larry 
later this week.

This is kinda like trying to push 2 rubber hoses together.

Much like "what format to you want me to export as?"  "we can import many formats.'

Michael Tobis wrote:
> The Dallas hotel had a room commitment; we can ask them but in my memory it
> was something on the order of 200 rooms at $100 per night times four nights
> or $80K. Since we are looking at an off season it seems not implausible 
> that
> we can get a comparable deal from a downtown hotel.
> Of course we want it as late in the spring as PyCon will allow (for timing
> reasons) and afford.
> mt
> On 1/2/07, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:
>> Ted Pollari wrote:
>> > Hey there Chipy peoples,
>> >
>> > So, due to the creeping death and a whole bunch of work related
>> > whatever and...um, a flood, the black plague, avian flu, a stampede,
>> > aliens, and other highly creative excuses, I completely dropped the
>> > ball on getting anything done for the pycon bid.  I aim to change
>> > that real quick and will have the promised venue requirement info
>> > sheet posted as soon as I can spare a few minutes, which will
>> > probably be this evening.
>> >
>> > -ted
>> >
>> On the subject, I talked to a friend who works for a convention services
>> company.  for what we are doing, it will be worth the effort to talk face
>> to
>> face with whoever it is we are getting rates from.  I will be talking 
>> to a
>> guy
>> who has done many of these negotiations about PyCon as soon as I get some
>> numbers I can run by him to get some tips for how to wheel and deal.
>> So far I have 600 attendees and $150 reg fee.  which may be all there is.
>> hoping to hear how many/how much $ can be committed to by whoever it is
>> that
>> will be committing.
>> Carl K
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