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Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Tue Jan 2 19:15:24 CET 2007

Ted Pollari wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2007, at 10:27 AM, Carl Karsten wrote:
>> I was told at the meeting, but can't remember: what group is  
>> actually making the
>> commitment?
> The Python Software Foundation will be the contract signer.   David  
> Goodger <goodger at python.org> is our primary contact person and will  
> be chairing (or co-chairing?) PyCon 2008.  The trend has been for one  
> person from the local group to co-chair with the PSF person and thus  
> that person would be the primary point of contact for the venue.
>> I am sure it will help to get some sort of hand shake commitment
>> from them so that anyone talking to a venue rep can be fairly  
>> certain of what
>> can be committed to.  the more info the better.  Including me  
>> talking to Larry
>> later this week.
>> This is kinda like trying to push 2 rubber hoses together.
>> Much like "what format to you want me to export as?"  "we can  
>> import many formats.'
> Agreed, but I'm sure we can put some fairly concrete numbers, mins  
> and max together and can pretty solidly pull together an RFP for this  
> event, based on the guidance from David, prior PyCons and all of the  
> discussions on various webpages (referenced a number of times  
> previously on list and on-wiki).
> okay, so here's my first go at venue specifications/info (I'll clean  
> it up and add it to the wiki later):
> space requirements:
> 1 room/auditorium large enough for 600 people to meet in a theater  
> style (prefereably a mix of theater and classroom, if the space is  
> configurable, like a ballroom)
> 4 Meeting rooms: Three rooms with a total capacity approximately  
> equal to that of the full assembly. One of these rooms may be the  
> auditorium.
> 2 additional meeting rooms, 1 each for quiet space work and storage
> Common area: A common area in which groups of attendees can  
> informally meet and where conference registration can take place.  
> Requires a number (4 or so) tables for registration.
> -All/after hours work area access a big plus, else early AM to Late  
> PM also okay.
> network:
> Simultaneous wireless connectivity MUST be available without  
> additional cost to the attendees in ALL conference spaces with a  
> service level agreement in place to ensure connectivity (individual  
> rooms are not included in this line item)
> Catering:
> Currently the budget is ~$45 per day per person for conference day  
> food and drink -- minimally, this should include lunch (with  
> vegetarian and carnivore friendly options & beverage options) plus  
> coffee, tea and water available at all times during the conference  
> with some light snack in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.   
> Breakfast instead of the morning snack is a big plus, but not a  
> requirement, depending on costs.
> Conference Schedule & Room Commitment (per day):
> For 2006 & 2007, the PSF agreed to a contract including 870 room  
> nights to be held at the group rate, with more reservable as space  
> allowed, and an 80% quota guaranteed by the PSF.  In actuality, for  
> 2006, 955 room nights were booked.  The following would be a possible  
> breakdown for 2008 (almost identical to 2006):
> Day 0: Arrival of organizers/Setup  15 rooms contracted/reserved
> Day 1: Tutorials 				       250 rooms contracted/reserved	
> Day 2: Conference    			       250 rooms contracted/reserved	
> Day 3: Conference    			       250 rooms contracted/reserved	
> Day 4: Conference    			       30 rooms contracted/reserved	
> Day 5: Sprints    			      	       30 rooms contracted/reserved	
> Day 6: Sprints    			      	       30 rooms contracted/reserved
> Day 7: Sprints    			      	       30 rooms contracted/reserved
> Day 8: Sprints    			      	       30 rooms contracted/reserved
> for a total of 915 room-nights blocked out.
> Thoughts:
> If we decide to do this at a hotel and if room rates are too high  
> (relative to local market conditions) and accessibility to other  
> hotels is high (i.e. downtown), then we may face some difficulty in  
> getting these rooms filled at the numbers listed above.  Dallas had  
> the benefit that there really weren't easily accessible options that  
> were significantly cheaper, so it was not a competitive market and  
> most if not all attendees chose to stay at the venue hotel.
> -ted

Beautiful.  Now I can try to schedule a lunch with Larry the expert. :)  Anyone 
want to come along?  His office is in Des Plains (near o'hare, about a mile from 
90/Lee St exit.)

I'm normally in #chipy in irc.freenode.net

Carl K

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