[Chicago] FYI - wireless networking at PyCon

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed Jan 31 03:35:39 CET 2007

>Saw this checkin to the Python wiki and thought those here investigating the
>2008 bid from Chicago might be interested:
>>>   Networking
>>>   ----------
>>> + 
>>> + **New:**
>>> + For PyCon 2007, we are planning to purchase and deploy our own
>>> + wireless networking equipment.  The hotel is supplying jacks and
>>> + bandwidth only.  We expect to handle our own wireless from now on.

Just FYI, that is the plan but it won't be until after the 2007 PyCon that
we know if it works.  My stance is that it would be hard to be worse than
2006, but maybe it'll fall totally flat.  So don't go counting your
chickens before March, but if all goes even close to plan, the PSF will
have hardware to deploy it's own wireless infrastructure in future years.

Or almost all of it.  tummy.com will be providing the Linux box that NATs
traffic out to the hotel network and does DHCP and the like.  There isn't
money in the budget for the PSF to purchase that this year.

 Give me a Kaypro 64 and live dial-tone and I can do *ANYTHING*!
                 -- Steven, _The_Score_
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