[Chicago] Imaginary Landscape looks to hire python programmers

Christopher Allan Webber cwebber at imagescape.com
Thu Jul 19 22:16:10 CEST 2007


The company I work at, Imaginary Landscape, is looking for another
experienced Python programmer (or so).  Both full time and contractor
positions are available.  Imaginary Landscape is a Chicago-based
web development company in Andersonville with deep Python-based roots.

We also encourage open source projects and support your involvement in
the open source community.

A good candidate must have:
 - 2+ years experience programming with python
 - 2+ years experience with SQL
 - Experience on the command line in a Linux (or other Unix-like) OS
 - Have familiarity with one or more web frameworks, such as
   Paste/Pylons, Turbogears, Django, or Ruby on Rails

Experience with Zope Page Templates and Zope are also desirable (for
legacy purposes).

A bit of company background:
  Founded in 1995, Imaginary Landscape is an award-winning web
  developer with a diverse portfolio of clients.  We have built an
  indcredible team of knowledgable, experienced and approachable
  professionals who develop long-term relationships with clients.  We
  combine salary with company profit-sharing and 100% company-paid
  health insurance to attract and retain the very brightest who are
  looking to make a difference.

You can respond with your cover letter and resume (as PDF, MS Word,
OpenDocument, HTML or just plain text) to me directly or to
employment at imagescape.com

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