[Chicago] BARcamp Chicago 2007 June 23-24

Jason Rexilius jason at hostedlabs.com
Mon Jun 4 18:12:07 CEST 2007

Hi Everyone!

   Wanted to update you all on BARcamp and ask for some feedback.

   The site (http://barcampchicago.com/) has been updated with the basic 
info on date and location.  Its June 23-24 at 1464 n milwaukee.  There 
are talks scheduled and some events planned but I wanted to ask you all 
what types of things you might want to see or hear about and to look for 
volunteers to run some code sprints or other projects.

   I also wanted to ask people to sign up on the wiki as attendees.  I'm 
a little concerned that we may run out of space even though the venue is 
bigger than last years.  I want to get a feeling for how much need there 
may be for a "spill over" venue.

   Looking forward to seeing you all at BARcamp and drop me a line if 
you have any comments, questions, ideas!


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