[Chicago] BARcamp Chicago is this weekend!

Jason Rexilius jason at hostedlabs.com
Mon Jun 18 17:38:19 CEST 2007

Hi Everyone!

   BARcamp is this weekend (Sat-Sun, 23-24 June) and I am super excited! 
Everyone has really come together for this.  We have a lot of great 
talks and ideas floating around and everyone seems to be pitching in 
something to help.

   The last organizer meet-up is tonight at Goose Island(clyborn) @ 7:00.

   There are also a couple other events this week worth checking out 
that I want to mention.  Beer and ideas to get primed for BARcamp ;-)

  - Kristen Nicole's Web Ascent is happening Wed the 20th. 

  - MIT-EF has this cool Whiteboard competition happening Tue the 19th. 

   Uuhh.. thats all I can remember.  Its going to be a fun week in the 
Chicago tech world..

   So back to BARcamp.  Some of the stuff that is going to be happening 
this weekend is:

- Dave Williams talk on building cross platform widgets with wxWidgets

- FRDCSA A.I. talk on learning coding libraries through operator 
learning and representation

  - Linux install fest and lightening talks on a few special purpose distros

- Tristan Sloughter teaches us how to Brew Beer at Home!

- Kirix talks about their Human UI for browsing web data

- MobileWeb 2.0 hackathon, building apps for mobile devices.

- Perry spins the trax, live webcast for the kids at home

- Humanized talks about Enso

- ChicagoBeta-BARcamp Job Board

- exploration, the joy of learning things and lots of liquor

   Some last shout-outs for help:

  - video peoples, help capture talks and goings on.

  - please bring power strips, Cat5 cables, extension cords, pillows to 
sit on

  - bring an idea for a code sprint

   Thats it.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

jason at hostedlabs.com

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