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John Hunter jdh2358 at gmail.com
Mon May 7 16:49:24 CEST 2007

Hi all, fellow chipy lurker and one time chipy presenter here.  I left
academia fairly recently (October 2005) for a research programmer job
at Tradelink, an investment and trading firm in downtown Chicago.  We
use python extensively here, and are looking to add to our team.  See
below for more details -- you can reply in person to me or to the
email address listed below.

John Hunter

We are looking to hire a programmer/researcher to help research and
develop trading ideas, and to develop infrastructure to put these
trading strategies into production.  We are looking for someone who is
bright and curious with a quantitative background and a strong
interest in writing good code and building systems that work.
Familiarity with basic probability and statistics is a definite plus.
We do not require a financial background, but are looking for someone
with an enthusiasm to dive into this industry and learn a lot.  We do
most of our data modeling and production software in python, utilizing
mostly open source tools.  We have a lot of ideas to test and
hopefully put into production, and you'll be working with a fast paced
and friendly small team of traders and programmers.


  Please submit a resume and cover letter to qsjobs at trdlnk.com.  In
  your cover letter, please address how your background, experience
  and skills will fit into the position described above.  We are
  looking for a full-time, on-site candidate only.

About Us:

  TradeLink Holdings LLC is a diversified alternative investment,
  trading and software firm. Headquartered in Chicago, TradeLink
  Holdings LLC includes a number of closely related entities. Since
  its organization in 1979, TradeLink has been actively engaged in the
  securities, futures, options, and commodities trading
  industries. Engaged in the option arbitrage business since 1983,
  TradeLink has a floor trading and/or electronic trading interface in
  commodity options, financial futures and options, and currency
  futures and options at all major U.S. exchanges. TradeLink is
  involved in various market-making programs in many different
  exchanges around the world, including over-the-counter derivatives
  markets. http://www.tradelinkllc.com

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