[Chicago] California, was that bit about Dreamworks.

Andrew Wilson andrew at humanized.com
Thu May 10 07:01:48 CEST 2007

Aw, come on; California isn't a bad place to live. I mean, it's got weather
of just about any variety you want; the world's best produce valleys;
mountains; oceans; deserts; canyons; beaches... You know, all those things I
missed out on growing up in the gently-rolling to utterly-flat realms of the
upper midwest.

It's those darned tech companies and military contractors that suck all of
the life out of the state.

-- Andrew

On 5/9/07, Ted Pollari <tcp at mac.com> wrote:
> On May 9, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Chris McAvoy wrote:
> > Yeah...no doubt.  I've been to California, many times.  I wouldn't
> > want to live there.  Ever.  You get soft.
> >
> > I have nothing to say beyond that.  There's a ton of cool companies in
> > California that I'd love to work for...just not live by.  Harumph!
> > Harumph!
> Heh.  I was just thinking something along the same lines... like
> "gee, it'd be cool to work for a big name place like dreamworks, even
> if it isn't cool, I could look cool while I was actually all sad
> inside, if it sucked...but it'd sound cool...  but wait, I'd be in
> California...and THAT would suck".
> -t
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