[Chicago] Suggestions for things to see in Chicago

Andrew Harrington aharrin at luc.edu
Tue May 29 19:13:22 CEST 2007

Yes the lakefront path is very nice, past the boat harbors, out to the 
planetarium causeway, where you look back in at the city (favorite 
wedding picture location), and biking along looking at city skyline and 
lake.  Also, bikes and 4 seat pedaled sort-of-carriages are available 
for rent right at the bike path at Navy Pier and other places.


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> If you've not been, Melenium park is good.  I've had a of people in town in
> the last few weeks and it was a big hit.  The lakefront beaches, parks, and
> bike paths also have great views and a nice feel.  Apparently most cities
> don't have beaches and parkways on their waterfronts.  <- my .02
> -Sean Corbett
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