[Chicago] MIT to switch to Python for intro to CS courses.

Dave Niesman dave.niesman at ieee.org
Thu Nov 1 05:54:11 CET 2007


Is AP (AB) Computer Science credit accepted at MIT? I've heard MIT
beginner's classes are in Scheme, rather than Java or C++, making it
rather different.
sponge008: I don't know about the AP credit, but MIT is planning to
shift the first course in computer science over to Python instead of

Has anyone else heard this?

Here is my source: (Art of Problem Solving Math Jam about MIT Admissions)

Kiran Kedlaya is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at MIT. His
research is in arithmetic algebraic geometry and algebraic number
theory. Prof. Kedlaya is a former IMO medalist (several times), a
Putnam winner (several times) and serves on the AoPS Foundation Board
of Directors. His home page is http://www.mit.edu/~kedlaya/.

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