[Chicago] MIT to switch to Python for intro to CS courses.

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 17:41:31 CET 2007

I take it back!  I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

It appears 6.099 was only a preliminary designation for the class -
it's been renamed 6.01, and it's definitely Python.


6.01 is the cornerstone class for the new curriculum for all EECS
classes 2011+ (i. e. freshmen who entered this Fall).  The preceding
year, students could choose between the old curriculum and the new
6.01-based one, but not this year.  In fact, the EE students take it,
too - 'cause it's robotics programming.  Sounds fun!


Well, this is exciting.  I'm blogging it.  (I kind of hate to see the
Scheme version go, b/c it didn't deserve to die until every Java-based
intro to programming course around the world was gone and buried, but
Python will be good for the students *and* good for the science.)

On 11/1/07, Catherine Devlin <catherine.devlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Not precisely accurate - last published information I read stated that
> a Python-based class (6.099) was being developed that would be an
> alternative to, not a replacement of, the classic 6.001 Scheme-based
> introductory programming course.
- Catherine

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