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Chuck Martin cwurld at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 22:22:11 CET 2007

About 9 months ago, I tried using dojo with my Django
site. Although dojo looked promising, I found it
frustrating to use. The documentation was incomplete
and sometimes contradictory. I had the most luck when
I used their unit tests as documentation.

About the same time, I also explored Yahoo's User
Interface (YUI) library. I had much better luck with
it. It has better documentation and lots of examples.
So dropped Dojo and am using YUI exclusively.

YUI also has an incredibly active Yahoo Users Group
and it appears that they have people on the payroll
who work on this code full time.

One thing that real amazed me was I was using their
layout code and ran into troubles with Safari. So I
posted a note on the message board. Some one responded
quickly and we exchanged several messages. I turns out
he was one of the Yahoo developers. Since I could not
resolve the problem, he actually logged into my
webpage and worked on the problem for several hours.
Unfortunately he could not resolve it, but I applaud
the effort.

I think putting YUI in the public domain is good for
Yahoo and good for the rest of us. They get a huge
group of testers for free and we get some pretty
robust code.


--- Chris McAvoy <chris.mcavoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just recently caught up with Dojo...these neat-o
> "Dijits" seem like
> they're God's gift to Javascript, which makes me
> sort of weary.
> Especially as I can't find anyone actually using
> them, and the demo
> page on the main Dojo site appears broken.
> Is anyone using these things?  I'm really hoping
> they're awesome, as I
> dislike layout and design, and love data.
> Chris
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