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Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 20:37:41 CET 2007

On 11/1/07, Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T <jeffh at dundeemt.com> wrote:
> ...When I get a minute to breathe I plan on trying out ExtJS.

I'm on a project now for an intranet / CMS type of site and we decided
to go with ExtJS (http://extjs.com/).  It's very easy to get started
with and the documentation is very thorough.  I believe the version
we're using is built on YUI but judging from the source files it seems
that this code has been merged into ExtJS itself.  All in all I'd
recommend this to anyone who wants to provide a more "desktop like"
interface for their users.  I wouldn't recommend using it for a public
facing site unless you have a Q.A. dept strictly dedicated to browser
testing.  However, it certainly promises to be cross-browser
compliant.  We have the luxury of forcing everyone to use Firefox.

The licensing is interesting.  It's actually LGPL 3.0, which is why we
can use it for an intranet application, but they also offer a
commercial license for purchase in case you want to sell the
application or if you need to satisfy some existing commercial license
requirement (or just want to support its development).  They kind of
push the latter on you which might turn some people off using it,
until you read the fine print that it is LGPL by default :)


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