[Chicago] BARcamp Update

Jason Rexilius jason at hostedlabs.com
Wed Nov 7 21:12:36 CET 2007

Hi Everyone!

   So its been a while since BARcamp Chicago 2007 and wanted to update 
everyone on a bunch of stuff..

   OK, so first, Keith Schacht of ChicagoBeta/JobCoin/Facebook App fame 
had set up a free public job board for ChicagoBeta and BARcamp Chicago 
communities.  There have been a few postings there (including a few from 
my company ;-) ) and wanted to let everyone know that its free to all 
and available.  Check it out, post your jobs, etc.:


   Next up, we have some very cool events coming up this month.  These 
are great places to meet other start-ups, smart people and, do as I do, 
get drunk off of free booze.. ;-)

Thu Nov 8th 8:00am - Early Stage Marketplace:

Thu Nov 8th 5pm - Songza Launch Party (Aza and Humanized gang presented 
at BARcamp):

Tue Nov 13th 6:15pm - MIT-EF Breakthrough Computer Interfaces (Aza 
again.. man he gets around ;-) ):

Thu Nov 15th 6:30pm - The great TECHcocktail 6! (bet you Aza will be there):

   Also, thanks to Henry Lee of Transwestern, we may have a very good 
venue for BARcamp next year.  Connect with me or the BARcamp organizer 
list at LUNI to get involved!

   Lastly, I wanted to get feedback from all of you on something a lot 
of people asked for in the past.  Should we have 2 BARcamps a year, 
spring and fall, rather than 1 in the summer?

Email me back with a vote or thoughts.  How many BARcamps per year? 1 or 2?

   Looking forward to seeing you all soon and hope this years been great 
for everyone!


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