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Feihong Hsu hsu.feihong at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 06:22:18 CET 2007

Last year's PyCon had a talk on IronPython. It was given by Jim Hugunin, and was really informative and had great demos. But IronPython has moved forward a lot in the past year, in particular IronPython classes are now treated as actual .NET classes. Also, CPython supports Python 2.5 and .NET 2.0, and is now mostly API-compatible with IronPython.

In a way, a Python/.NET integration talk might be a better choice than "Python for C# programmers" because this would directly target C# programmers who have already decided to learn Python, but who don't yet understand all the snags that result from the differences between the two platforms. Again, I'm not sure about how many people could really be interested in this. 

There's also a different approach to go with this talk too, it could also focus on how .NET can be used by Python programmers to handle things that are weak spots for Python (handwriting recognition, speech recognition, speech synthesis, scanner/camera integration, and OCR are just run-of-the-mill libraries in .NET). But yeah, just because they exist and they're easy to use doesn't mean I use them all that much.

- Feihong

Kumar McMillan <kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com> wrote: I have a hard time gauging what the range of Python users are at
Pycon.  My "gut" from last year tells me there are more beginner-level
Python programmers then there are advanced ones.  But that is not
based by any factual evidence.  I'm sure there are stats on this

On Nov 13, 2007 12:00 PM, Feihong Hsu  wrote:
> - Python for C# programmers

given the above, this may be a strong talk to give.  It certainly
seems like a talk that Pycon needs right now (from Carl's emails and
the Pycon wiki).

> - Integrating Python with .NET (and Mono)

I think this may also be strong, although not as strong as Python for
C# programmers.  Although I can't decide.  There were some talks last
year on .NET but none like Python for C# Programmers (I think)

> - Getting Started with wxPython

-1 on this.  There are so many damn GUI frameworks and there were
about 3 talks last year focusing on a framework (possibly more than I
can't think of right now)

> - Fun with Function Frames, Metaclasses, __getitem__ and Decorators

This would be a very cool talk to see :)  And would be very
interesting for intermediate/advanced users.  I think it would be
popular.  But, again, if you can find some stats on attendance that
would be a better way to judge.


Try one as a lightning talk!  Also, you may want to submit two
outlines and let the judges decide.  That's probably the best way to
approach it.
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