[Chicago] Help with PyCon Talk Proposals

Feihong Hsu hsu.feihong at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 06:30:11 CET 2007

C# for Python programmers? I don't see the committee approving that one. I think the only "X for Python programmers" talk that might conceivably stand a chance is "Boo for Python programmers". But that one is still iffy. In my experience, programming in Boo doesn't feel much like programming in Python.

- Feihong

skip at pobox.com wrote: 
    Chris> --. although it's a good idea in general, I'm not sure it would
    Chris> be good for Pycon, as most Pycon attendees are already Python
    Chris> programmers.

    Ted> I completely disagree!  I think you're as likely to see people from
    Ted> the Chicago tech sector significant with C# experience and only
    Ted> modest python experience... 

How about a C# for Python programmers tutorial? (ducks)

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