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Kevin Krumm kkrumm at opstaffing.com
Tue Oct 2 15:39:58 CEST 2007

Greetings Everyone,


I am a technical and executive recruiter with a search firm called Objective Paradigm, Inc that is based here in Chicago. 


I have a python-centric position I am trying to fill for a proprietary trading firm client of ours. As many of you probably know, C++ and as an extention, Python, are widely used in the trading space. My client is looking for a QA / Tester / Script Writer that is proficient in using Python, familiar with working in a C++ environment and that has experience in test automation. Their testing environment is built in Python and we have had very little success with candidates that have a more traditional testing background with *some* knowlege of Python. What we would like to do is speak with interested candidates that have proficient Python skills, enjoy testing work and would be very interested in an opportunity working in the Financial Markets. Python is the key for us, hence my appeal to the ChiPy group.


If you think that you are interested in hearing more about this position and our client, please contact me directly. 


Thank you,


Kevin Krumm
Managing Director
Objective Paradigm, Inc.

(O) 773 572 6402
(C) 732 207 8742


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