[Chicago] Free 1-day Python Training Course

David Beazley d-beazley at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 6 15:12:34 CEST 2007

Greetings all!

As some of you might know, I am going to be giving a tutorial "Python  
in Action" at the upcoming USENIX LISA'07 conference in Dallas.


Since this is a brand new class, I would like to give it a dry run  
here in Chicago before heading off to Dallas.  Therefore, I'm looking  
for a willing victim who would like to have this class taught on-site  
for absolutely free.  Yes, free as in free beer.  However, there are  
a couple of basic ground rules:

  -  It must be scheduled sometime between October 22-31.
  -  It must be scheduled as an all-day class (9am-5pm).  It's not a  
  -  No more than 20 attendees.
  -  You provide space for the class, a video projector for  
     and computers for anyone who might attend (or people can bring  
  -  I will provide presentation slides electronically, but it is up  
to you
     to print them out if you want.
  -  The class must be in the city of Chicago, easily accessible by  
     transportation (sorry, no driving to the burbs for this).

Also, it's very important to emphasize that this class is intended  
for an audience of system admins/systems programmers.  It would not  
be appropriate for absolute beginners or as a class for people who  
just want to learn how to program.   No previous experience with  
Python is assumed however.

If this sounds interesting, please send me a private email (d- 
beazley at sbcglobal.net).


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