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The next meeting of the Chicago Chapter is: 


     Tablet Computing in Education


     Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Presented by: Jeff Solin,

National Board Certified Teacher in Computer Science and Mathematics,
Northside College Prep High School


5:30 p.m. Social Hour, Dinner Buffet & Refreshments 6:30 p.m. Presentation  



$10 Chapter members

$12 Non-members

$5 Students 



In his presentation in his computer lab, Jeff will cover the ways that
tablets and other technologies have changed the fabric of high school
education. The demonstration will cover the many ways that tablet PCs (in
both a 1-to-1 and 1-many environment) can cause a paradigm shift in 


pedagogy. Pen-based technologies change how the educators present,
demonstrate, organize, grade, and overall...teach. There will also be a 


discussion surrounding the need for tablet-specific applications in
education, a fairly untapped market.


Over the past three years, Jeff has focused his efforts on integrating the
use of tablet PCs into every classroom. Through his work and the financial
support of the school parent organization, all 70 teachers and
administrators now use tablet PCs. His future plans include putting 


a tablet PC in the hands of each student. Jeff participates heavily in the
growing number of organizations focusing on the pedagogical benefits of
technology in the classroom.



After graduation in 1998 Jeff moved to Chicago to work as a Software
Engineer in the Cellular Networks and Space Sector at Motorola. In 2000, he
left for the world of internet consulting covering e-commerce and live
data-feed integration. After four years in consulting with Zefer, USWeb/CKS,
MarchFirst, Spyonit, and 724 Solutions, Jeff decided to make a career change
and teach Computer Science to high school students in the Chicago Public
Schools. Through the Golden Apple Alternative Teacher Education (GATE)
program at Northwestern University, he achieved certification and began
teaching CS at one of the premier high schools in the country, Northside
College Prep. He has 


redesigned curriculum to include a hardware logic component and has
implemented a three course sequence of Computer Science courses: Intro and
AP Programming in Java, and Computer Logic and Hardware Design. He also
teaches an elective course where students fully rebuild vintage motorcycles
focusing on the mechanics and dependency of multiple engine 




{* Please RESERVE *}

Note: Please make your reservation as soon as you know you are coming. We
need a headcount for the food. We order it in advance. Even if it is later
than that, reserve anyway. Thanks. 


If you have not already done so, please make your meeting reservation by
replying to this e-mail ( greg at neumarke.net ) You may also call Greg at
(work) 773-907-3308 


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