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Ishmael Rufus sakamura at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 16:18:44 CEST 2007

Depends on what operating system and browser your running. Also the age 
of the equipment you're using can be a factor too.

Gmail uses AJAX which consumes more cpu time compared to browsing Gmail 
in HTML mode.
skip at pobox.com wrote:
> ... or is my poor old laptop having to work harder and harder to just "surf
> the web"?  This AJAX technology has permeated everything.  On the one hand,
> web sites can clearly be more interactive.  On the other hand, the minimum
> system parameters necessary to simply browse the web seems to have gone up a
> lot in the past six months or so.  I have an 800MHz PowerBook G4 w/ 1GB of
> RAM, not state-of-the-art of course, but not a P3 either.  Just sitting
> there viewing Gmail (which has no stupid flashy ads or other eye candy)
> seems to consume about half my CPU.  What's it doing while it's just sitting
> there?
> Does this have any ramifications for OLPC with its rather modest CPU?  What
> about computer recycling in general?  Browsing the web and reading email
> (often through the web) seem to be the most common uses for home computers.
> if I donate a compuetr to some organization what are the chances it will
> actually be useful to someone?
> Skip
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