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I've been working for a while now to get the other programmers at my company more interested in Python. I think management is warming up to the idea, so next Friday we'll have an all-day Python training course.

During the lunch break the programmers who couldn't do the course will have the chance to come into the cafeteria and help us eat the extra food. I would like to make a one page Python flyer that they can read while they're munching on free food. Has anyone done anything similar to this? What kind of stuff should I include on it? 

We do have a "Why Python" page on our internal wiki, though I think it's kind of lame (I should know, I wrote it). But it's basically all I have that as a starting point for my flyer. I'll paste the text below for people to critique and comment on.


Other "Why Python" Articles

A lot of smart people have written up their reasons for using Python, and I bet a lot of them are more well written than this one.

    * Beginners and Experts by Jono DiCarlo
    * Why the DLR and What is Python Used For? by Michael Foord
    * Python Answers by Bruce Eckel
    * Type import this into the Python interpreter to read the "Zen of Python". 

Python Facts

    * Python is mature, it's been around since 1989, it has a huge standard library that covers most common programming tasks.
    * Python is dynamically typed, that means there are no type declarations.
    * Python uses indentation for blocks of code, the curly braces {} don't mean anything in Python.
    * Python is a dynamic language, it doesn't need a compiler because everything is interpreted.
    * Python's interactive interpreter lets you run individual lines of code and immediately see what they do.
    * Python integrates with .NET. 

Who Uses Python

    * Morningstar
    * Google
    * Microsoft
    * Cisco (IronPort - internet security)
    * O'Reilly
    * Hewlett-Packard (Tabblo - photographic storytelling)
    * Canonical (makers of Ubuntu Linux)
    * VMWare (virtualization)
    * Sony Imageworks (state-of-the-art visual effects and character animation)
    * EWT (securities trading)
    * ...and many more! 

Interesting Projects Coded in Python

    * Trac - Software project management and issue tracking.
    * Review Board - Code reviews are fun again! ...almost.
    * Bazaar - Distributed source control system.
    * BitTorrent - Please, I know you know what this is. 

Python Projects That Are Making a Difference

    * OLPC - Free laptops for children in third world countries
    * Chicago Crime - Browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago
    * The US Congress Votes Database - Browse every vote in the U.S. Congress since 1991.
    * The Open Planning Project - Tools to enhance government transparency and citizen participation.
    * Pvote, prototype software for voting machines - a voter interaction system focusing on simplicity, openness, and accessibility 


Thanks in advance for any responses,


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