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Interesting....  Way back when we were using Python at LaSalle Bank, my boss
was very concerned about finding Python talent.  I gave him a dare - I can
take a good perl programmer with some OO experience and have them doing
credible, production-ready Python work in three days.  He took the dare, and
we created a Python programmer in three days, and went on to use Python and
Jython (JPython back then) on two major projects.

I think the Django bit is more daring - understanding web development is
different than "old-style" scripting; I'm not sure how translatable the
concepts are among the common tools.

Anyway, I still think its easier to take a good programmer with some
scripting and OO skills and turn them into Python programmers than to just
go looking for experienced folks (except for the first member of the team -
its always a good idea to have one specialist with connections and
experience to turn to when things don't work right).

Don't know that I answered your questions, but I get this message gets some
responses.... :-)

Thanks and have fun! - Bob

On 9,26,07 3:11 PM, "Chris McAvoy" <chris.mcavoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I know this topic comes up constantly, but I'm interested in any data
> (anecdotal or otherwise) on how difficult (or easy) it is to hire a
> good Python web developer in Chicago.
> *Specifically*
> *) How tough is it to hire a Python Django developer?
> *) Is it easier (and / or cheaper) to hire a Rails developer?
> *) Is it easier (cheaper) to hire a PHP developer?
> *) Pretend you're a freelancer, justify writing an web application in
> [the python web framework of your choice] to a potential Chicago-land
> client that won't use your services for the long term life of the
> application.  They want you to write it, and walk away.  How will they
> support the app once you've left?
> Any thoughts on how to quantify these sorts of questions is welcome
> Chris
> PS. .  Yes, you're doing my homework for me.
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