[Chicago] Chance to try out AppEngine (and make my life easier)

Cosmin Stejerean cstejerean at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 23:53:18 CEST 2008

Well, it seems there is an ability to invite developers to collaborate
with you on an application.

I've been planning for a while to create a better interface to the
Metra train times (metrarail.com). I'd like something with Twitter
integration (so I can ask from SMS what the next train is) and a
smarter ability to search (remember my stations and only show me
upcoming train times for the current day of the week by default).
I've started working towards this in Django but it seems like a
perfect excuse to to start doing some AppEngine work. Let me know if
you'd like to help with this and I can try to add you as a developer
to the project (you'll need Git for this, I have 2 GitHub invitations
left if anyone is interested). Also let me know if you have any other
suggestions or ideas for the project.

Cosmin Stejerean


Completely unrelated but, you have the ability to restrict
authentication to your Google Apps domain. This means it is possible
to create (and perhaps resell) applications designed for internal use
only and integrate it into the existing Google Mail, Docs, etc.

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