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Jason Abate jason at panopta.com
Fri Apr 11 15:53:26 CEST 2008

If you're looking for an unmanaged server, I'd strong recommend 
SoftLayer.  I've got several servers with them running Turbogears apps 
and have been very impressed.  They've got great infrastructure, 
including a private network between their datacenters in Dallas and 
Seattle that you can use for backup or data replication, a control panel 
that lets you do pretty much anything you'd need (OS reloading, serial 
console access, etc.), plus their prices are quite competitive.  I 
worked in the hosting industry for 8 years and saw lots of companies cut 
corners and overlook things (especially for dedicated hosting), but 
SoftLayer seems to have done things the right way.

They're not currently SAS-70 certified, but just started the process - 
see http://www.softlayer.com/press_2008_04_01.html for details 
(unfortunately released on 4/1, but I think that's just a coincidence).


Jason Abate
Panopta | We see it all
jason at panopta.com

bray at sent.com wrote:
> Sorry if this is off topic. I recall others on this list who have  
> helped me immensely with these issues in the past.
> I am looking for a dedicated server provider who is SAS-70 to host a  
> some new commercial Python apps. My budget is 100-300/month.  I am not  
> moving my current hosting at RIMU, but this is an addition.
> I have used Rackspace. It sounds like they are not in my price range  
> for SAS-70.  I just now found Server Path, looks like they may work.  
> Typically, I do not really need much *manage* services because I do  
> most of this myself.
> I am planning on a Django / Apache2 / mod_python / Python2.5 /  
> PostgreSQL / RedHat ES application. It also has some custom Python  
> modules that where we SWIG some C++ code.   We write most our code on  
> Mac OSX or Windows. Administratively, we sometime use Webmin, but  
> mostly just SSH for configuration changes, deployment, and upgrades.
> Its been a while (3 years or so) since I have been in a need for a new  
> dedicated server. Does anyone have any recommendations on hosting or  
> my configuration changes? I want to focus on security and a data  
> center where my clients will feel comfortable with on paper.  One area  
> where I am on the fence, besides the data center, is the choice of OS.  
> I do not really use any RedHat specific features. Is there any reason  
> I should not move to FreeBSD or CentOS?
> Brian Ray
> bray at sent.com
> http://kazavoo.com/blog

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