[Chicago] Better than Python?

Mike Kramlich ramadeus at rcn.com
Fri Apr 11 21:51:52 CEST 2008

First let me say I love Python and think it's well-designed,  
practical, clear, flexible, chocolate-tasting, etc., and it's my  
default language for hammering nails.

That out of the way, I wanted to throw out a question to the list that  
I've been wondering about. Does anyone have their eye on any other  
language to sort of potentially maybe one day replace Python in their  
toolbox. I'm not interested in special-purpose tools that could outdo  
Python in one specific area, but rather, something general enough that  
means it could be your next big all-purpose Hammer.

Bonus points if it's not associated with Microsoft, and doesn't  
require you to end code blocks with "end". :)

Mike Kramlich
ZodLogic Games

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