[Chicago] web2py on appengine.

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Apr 23 19:59:23 CEST 2008

Massimo Di Pierro wrote:
> Here is a video tutorial on web2py on appengine
warning: take a good dose of Dramamine first.

 >     http://www.vimeo.com/932708

I understand why it swims around, and i understand how much trouble it is to 
make these things, but this isn't something I can pass on to someone who has 
never seen web2py.   And I need something to show my niecen.

Can you be in a lower res when you record or constrain everything to a region of 
your screen so that no panning occurs?

Can you do "installing web2py on appengine" where the database is just pet_name, 
no legs, no validation, no html.  I think that would show how quickly someone 
can get a database up.  what to do after that she can read about.  or maybe by 
that time you will have the 'what to do now that the site is up' vid :)

Carl K

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